ON Semiconductor Supervisor, Facilities in Sunnyvale, California

Supervisor, Facilities

Job Summary :

ON Semiconductor is looking for a Supervisor, Facilities in the Sunnyvale site. The Technician is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of all building and facility systems that affect the company’s ability to open for business. Additionally, the Technician will assess and consider daily 1) the safety of our employees, 2) the security of our assets and 3) the service to our employees. This position will coordinate outside contractors or vendors for various services.

Performance Objective :

Daily functions :

  • Respond to anybuildingand/orfacilitiessystemsissues(climatecontrol,odors,smoke,spills,damage,emergenciesandrepairs)

  • Performspreventative/routine maintenance work, such as changing the filters in heating,ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • Buildingand exterior inspections to determine needs of maintenance and repairs oractions required to prevent problems.

  • Providebackup to addresssite needs when senior facilities resources are working at offsite locations.

  • Monitors contractor performanceandworkscloselywithoutsidevendorsandcontractorstoensureworkiscompletedaccordingtospecifications

  • Project Management; Develop Project Scopes working withcustomers, facilities, EHS, Develop Project Budgets and Schedule, manage contractorsduring design and construction, report progress to superiors and customers and annualFacilities Reliability Study updates.

  • May act asthe project coordinator forallsizeprojectsincludinglargescalerepairandnewfacility construction projects.This can include the management of the design, planning and constructionof the project

  • Plans, budgets and schedules facilitymodifications

  • Administrative support through managing and maintainingService requests, preparing purchase requisitions and working with SupplyManagement on RFQ projects

  • Assistswithmaintainingbuildingsecurityandimmediatelyrespondstobuildingemergenciesona24- hour basis.

  • Assists the Facilities Managerinpreparingtheannualreliabilitystudyandmaintenancebudget.

  • Solicits bids and quotesfromvendors

  • Monitors and replaces lightbulbsinallassignedfacilities,asneeded

  • Makes minor plumbingrepairs,asnecessary

  • Coordinatesandassistswithdepartmentalandemployeemoves

  • Performsbasicelectricalworkanddetermineswhenanelectricianisrequired

  • Hangspicturesandshelving, asneeded

  • Dismantlesandinstallsfurniture

  • Transportsgoodsorequipmentasassigned

  • Performsimmediatecleaningdutiesnecessarytomaintaincleanfacility

  • PerformsothermaintenancedutiesasassignedbytheFacilitiesManager

Requirements :

Skills :

  • Mustbeabletoeffectivelycommunicate (oralandwritten) withallemployees, contractorsandvendors

  • Possess computerskillsandbeproficientMSOfficeaswellaspreventivemaintenance, buildingautomation, procurement, workassignmentsystems

  • Self-starter, team player and able to work independently.

  • Must be organized, providedeliverablesinsupportofprojectplans and keep records.

  • Knowledge : Associatesdegreeinprojectmanagement, certificateintradeschoolorequivalentworkexperiencerelatedtoprojectmanagement, vendormanagement, facilitiesand/ormaintenance

  • Knowledge of the common power and hand tools, including hammers,drills, wrenches, saws, pliers and electronic test equipment

  • Must havebasicunderstandingofhowfacility-relatedsystemswork

Abilities :

  • Understand andfolloworalandwritteninstructions, interpretdocumentsandinstructions

  • Abilitytoprioritizeandmanagemulti-functionaltasksandsometimescompetingpriorities

  • Abilitytoworkeffectivelyunderpressure, andagainststricttimeconstraints

  • Abilitytousestandardpoweredandnon-poweredtools

  • Mustbeabletotraveltovariouswork-sitelocationsondemand

  • Abletoarticulatetechnicalissuesinaconcisemannerandengageincommunication

  • Teamplayer

Working Conditions :

  • Beabletowalk, bend, stoop, balance, crawlandreachforextendedperiodsoftime

  • Mustbeabletoutilize/viewaPCand/ormonitor

  • Mustbeabletoliftupto 50 pounds

  • Mustbecomfortableandabletoworkonaladderof 20 feet

  • Mustbeabletoworkindependentlywithoutdirectsupervision

  • Effectivehandeyecoordination

  • Useofhandsandfingerstofeel, handleoroperatecontrol

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Job: Quality

Title: Supervisor, Facilities

Location: CA-Sunnyvale

Requisition ID: 1805815

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